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does bigger dildos feel better in ass

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What’s better dildo or a real cock in your ass | XNXX Adult Forum

Honestly, dildo. It’s always hard and can be moved faster and at more angles. I totally love getting fucked in the ass but that doesn’t feel physically better.

Is It Safe To Put A Dildo In Your Butt? What To Know If You ...

The bottom line: No, you don't need to stress about using a dildo in your backside. Just be sure to take precautions—like using a toy designed for anal play and sterilizing it.

Why Do Women Use Big Dildos? | Men's Health Magazine Australia

Women Are Sharing Why Their Dildos Are Bigger Than Their Partner’s Junk. “One thing to keep in mind about your partners dildos, they have to be longer than normal. There has to be a handle. So they need to be longer than needed.” – @ 75DeepBlue “So a dildo and an actual penis feel different. In my opinion, you need a bigger dildo to ...

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11 Reasons Every Straight Man Should Try Bottoming

Learning how to do it better means learning proper ass-cleaning techniques and which lubes work better than others. ... vibrating eggs, and XL dildos. You can do a lot of anal play solo or with a ...

Can using a dildo loosen my anus? - Quora

Answer (1 of 9): First a little history. I was the one who always said its an exit not an entrance! I would never even let any of my girlfriends or eventually my wife to go near it!

Does anal feel different with a dildo than a real person ...

It is better because there is a whole man who has seduced you into opening your ass for him. The warmth, heat and lack of control are very arousing. The size of the cock matters a bit less I think, because a man is using his whole body to fuck you.

How is using a dildo different from the real thing? - Quora

Answer (1 of 5): Straight guy’s perspective here: I like anal receiving penetration. I have to be in a certain mood to actually want it to be from another guy.

Dildo vs the penis, which actually feels better? - GirlsAskGuys

Do women prefer penis over a dildo (in most cases I hear that they do). Please explain why the penis is better than a dildo (beside the fact that there's a guy attached to the penis. Does a penis actually feel significantly better than a dildo?

Would using a large dildo ruin sex with your bf/husband ...

Its just mentally stimulating to have something big. It would definitely be on the upper end of dildo sizes (probably 12+ inches & really thick). I guess it has a kinky element to it. My husband is on the lower average size of around 5 inches. I'm just concerned that using a large dildo would make sex with him unsatisfying.