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Oh Joy Sex Toy - A Sex Education and Toy Review Comic

Oh Joy Cat Toy; Let’s Talk About It – Spotlight; More… Best Toys 2020; Best Toys 2019; Best Toys 2017-18; Press; Sponsorship; Guest Comic Submissions; Meet The Team; Full Archive… Sex Ed. Health. My Gynecomastia by Giopota; Top Surgery by Jey Pawlik; Mental Health Practices; Side Effect, Right Effect, by Hien Pham; Healing After Birth ...

Oh Noen Erika Moen — FAQ

Oh Joy Sex Toy (shortened OJST) is a sex ed/sex toy review comic run by Erika Moen and her husband Matthew Nolan. It can be read here (keep in mind this comic is NSFW). What Are Some Good Sex Ed Resources?

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Oh Noen Erika Moen

Oh Joy Sex Toy is a bad fucking comic. No TERFS!!!!! how is it they wrote a comic on consent and how it's never okay to pressure someone into doing something they don't want to do, but then erika literally badgered her husband into fucking that sex doll while he looks positively repulsed. like by her own portrayal and the way she drew that comic it's supposed to be "funny" that she coerced him ...

People Have A Lot Of Thoughts About This Comic Explaining ...

But others have defended Oh Joy Sex Toy and their decision to tackle the topic. sexhaver.tumblr.com Nolan told BuzzFeed News that the pair had been wanting to cover more kinks for a while, and since they knew a few cuckolding trios, decided to focus on it.

Tumblr's anti-porn algorithm is flagging basically everything ...

For instance, artist Erika Moen (who is known for her sex education comic Oh Joy Sex Toy) noticed that her fully-clothed selfies had been flagged as explicit, but her photos of dildos had not.

Erika Moen

Drawn to Sex - Our Bodies and Health, Limerence Press 2018 Drawn to Sex - The Basics, Limerence Press 2017 Oh Joy Sex Toy Coloring Book, Limerence Press Oh Joy Sex Toy V4, Book Store & Kickstarter Versions 2016 Oh Joy Sex Toy V1, V2 and V3, Book Store Versions, Limerence Press, previously self released 2014/2015/2016 2013

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You should also check out Oh Joy Sex Toy, a fantastic webcomic by artist Erika Moen. It's an excellent resource for toy reviews and all kinds of sexual education content.

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Oh Joy, Sex Toy is a weekly comic that updates every Tuesday to bring you reviews of everything that relates to sex, sexuality and the sex industry. From toys to workshops to birth control and much more, no stone will be left unturned, no vibrator le...

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