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If your toy is not battery/electric operated then you can throw it in the regular trash or recycling bin but I personally would save this as a final option. The recycling at Allegheny is more for pop cans or glass bottles and it might also be wholly uncomfortable for a recycling sorter to have to handle a used sex toy.

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So there you have it, sex toy disposal made easy. Now, not only can you say goodbye to your old sex toys with a clear mindset, you can have a helping hand to buy a new one, too.

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What you do is mail in your (washed) toys, which are then sterilized a second time, broken down into their material parts (plastics, electronics, silicone, gerbils, whatever) and sorted accordingly.

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Although recycling is a good way to get rid of your old sex toys, there are other ways to dispose of your used products. For example, you can sell your used sex toys online. Search the internet and find reputable sites that allow for selling second-hand sex toys.

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2) The skin color of your sex doll can slightly differ from the product photos. 3) The coloring of the sex toys can fade or completely rub off with frequent use or cleaning. 4) The expected delivery date of your package may change. Should this occur for your entire order, or an item within your order, we will inform you as soon as possible.

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A discreet new service from sex toy website Lovehoney is to help you dispose of and recycle your old vibrator. ... to properly dispose of electrical household appliances, Lovehoney came up with an ...

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Scarletgirl gives you a coupon for money off NEW sex toys though so that might be more useful to you. posted by NoraReed at 5:04 PM on February 25, 2012 We, um, friends of ours hid theirs in a brown paper bag and put them in the trash at a gas station.

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Cleaning sex toys made of porous materials. You should be extra careful when washing porous sex toys, since the tiny pores on their surface can retain fluids and allow bacteria to grow. As a result, it’s even more important to make sure that you clean these toys properly. Some of the most common porous materials used to make sex toys include:

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level 2. HAL9000000. · 4y. Just make sure that you don't throw it away along with any identifying information. Once when I was a teenager and my parents were out of town, I forgot to put the garbage out on garbage day. I figured my dad would be pissed at us for forgetting, so I brought the garbage to a dumpster in a parking lot and threw it in ...

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There needs to be a sex toy bin at the recycling plant to make this easier on me. I should be able to walk down the line and simply toss my paper, plastic, glass, compost, and vibrators |